I’m still a little unsure on the exact purpose of my blog but I think it was all kick started by a desire to share my thoughts and rants with others and also see what I get back as a result of this.


I think that one of the first subjects that I had a desire to share and try and understand was the appeal of facebook and more importantly the status update craze. I am myself a member of facebook and have used the status updates too to share news and give a little snippet on my opinion on things. Does anyone care, im not quite sure. I think my friends were glad to hear pieces of information that I had posted and it certainly gives an easier way to let people know things but I believe the line is drawn when people tell me they are eating their tea, that they have a bad hangover or even their sexual adventures of previous nights. (really…)

I do not want to count myself out of this craze as some may say that a blog is an even bigger space to write my ‘status update.’ I would certainly like to think that what I write may be of some more use than the information that colin has decided on Chicken Tikka for tea, but really I could be added to the conveyor belt of this fashion which of course has really developed into Twitter – a site exclusively dedicated to the equivalent of status updates of facebook.

So what is it that is the appeal of this. Something which I cant help thinking is linked to the whole celebrity culture which seems to be the center point of our society today. Also something which I cant help feeling is linked to the gradual decline of peoples morals, values and general outlook on life.

In Psychology Today, writer Carlin Flora suggests that America’s fascination with celebrity is a symptom of a larger cultural obsession with the three A’s – affluence, attractiveness and achievement. Celebrities seem to embody all of these.

Affluence, attractiveness and achievement are understandably desirable, and certainly not inherently harmful, but fixation on these can sometimes divert individuals, especially young people, from other values, such as community, charity and commitment.

Flora quotes psychologist James Houran, who says that in a secular society the “need for ritualized worship can be displaced onto celebrities.”

“Nonreligious people tend to be more interested in celebrity culture,” Houran says. “For them, celebrity fills some of the same roles the church fills for believers, like the desire to fit into a community of people with shared values.” – (The Kansas City Star, Mo. – March 14, 2006)

I am inclined to agree with the majority of this but would also like to add affirmation and attention to this list. I think it is the feeling of celebrity which these things offer, our own little spot light, attention and importance. Maybe in a way it is our own podium which the celebrities have on a grander scale which we also seek. I would again like to not exclude myself from this. I don’t want to seem like I am tarnishing all others with this brush and leaving myself because here I am writing something to be read by others, to be valued, to be recognized.

I think the most frustrating thing and main desire behind this post is the sadness in seeing the way our society is going. I hate to sound like a lil’ hippy but I think it cant be helped here. At the moment we live in a world where popstars make the front pages ahead of good role models, x-factor receives millions more viewers than the news and paris hilton is well, even somebody. I think there is a huge imbalance in a world where those who work ridiculous hours to help, care and comfort others are paid just enough to live while those who spend there life doing a hobby or little else are millionaires.

Having said all this I have one quote ringing in my ears:


So before I sign off (and advertise this on my facebook status ;)), I shall do my best to follow these wise words, and I hope that it has been some food for thought, in whatever way that may be. As always I would love to create debate on the topics I post so please feel free to comment and leave links to blogs that may be of use to myself and those that end up here. Thank you.


~ by justprose on November 1, 2009.

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