Drunken Gibberish

This topic was something that I have always wondered (in a drunken and sober state) and thought it was quite apt with the current developments with the drugs adviser David Nutt.

I’m talking about the acceptance and phenomenal use of alcohol in this country when other, less harmful drugs, are mostly shunned by the very same people who binge every weekend. I would like to make it clear that I do not want to promote any drug use at all but find the inconsistency in peoples views on these matters very strange.

David Nutt seems to be on exactly the right lines by wanting to push through a ranking system which seems to make the dangers much more clearer:

a ranking system is needed that compares the harm of all substances, whether legal or illegal, which would put alcohol fifth, behind only the likes of heroin and cocaine.Tobacco would be ninth while cannabis, LSD and ecstasy would be ranked 11, 14 and 18 respectively.


My main topic here is really using alcohol as an example to show how the social acceptable values and sheep-like qualities of people is continually accepted. For me this strong following seems to make things appear “right” and the minority are left to re-question their values in wondering how so many people can be wrong?

As with my previous blog posts, I do not wish to count myself out of this. Whilst I often talk about other peoples values I most certainly include myself in this and more often than not my writings will be an outward wondering of why exactly I follow the trends of the things I criticize also. I certainly wouldn’t like to paint a false image of being a sober angel. I have had many a night of forgetting who I am and losing myself to alcohol and cannabis but this is exactly what kick started my wondering of why something so damaging and “wrong” is a huge culture and I cant but feel like the only answer is majority rules!

I talk from experience here but I have certainly seen similar groups where the same rules apply. I have often gone out with my friends to drink and get drunk and this has most certainly been accepted, even celebrated but if I were to suggest we were all to go and get some ecstasy or LSD I know that this would be shunned or frowned upon, in fact I would certainly do the same if my friends were to suggest it. But why is this when according to scientific research these drugs are less dangerous than alcohol.

As a society we grow up seeing the acceptance of alcohol and see our parents and relatives drinking it, we see people waiting for the weekend so they can let their hair down with the aid of alcohol and we see a multi-million pound industry which is built on it all. It seems a lot easier, as highlighted by this topic, to go with the flow, follow what we are shown and fit in. I know the tremendous struggle of having a view in the minority and trying to defend it when many of those around you disagree. Some things are just embedded in our society it is difficult to challenge them and we begin to think it is normal and even expected of us. Is this what our country has come to:

So I guess maybe this is a calling to myself and maybe to others to stand by what is right and live our lives only by what we feel is true for ourselves and also to respect what others believe and follow. If we don’t, then we begin to get in situations like we are today where the majority leads our way and we just blindly follow as it is easier and more acceptable than to stand up and challenge these values.

I think I am slowly realizing that actually I am writing this blog to myself, to guide and learn from; after all

It is nearly always true that what annoys us about others is what annoys us about ourselves.

I will certainly continue with these writings in the hope of it being of some use to others as well. I enjoy releasing my thoughts in this way and now it is there for both myself and others to read. As always, I would enjoy debate on the topics I write so please feel free to leave comments. Thank you again for reading.


~ by justprose on November 3, 2009.

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  1. Awesome post, did not thought it was going to be so great when I saw the url!

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