Christmas Consumerism

A news flash come up and announces that this year there will be no festive celebrations, no lights in town centers, no special TV schedules, no holidays from work etc. I think I can safely say that there would be uproar. It would be the front of every paper, the talk of the town and mentioned every second of the day. Now this suggestion sounds far-fetched but actually if we look at it more deeply why is Christmas really celebrated?

The origin of course is the birth of Jesus Christ and despite being an atheist myself, I cannot deny this origin. Whether it is true or not does not really matter when looking at the reason we are supposedly celebrating this time of year. However, the true question is why do we really celebrate christmas in today’s culture. Looking around at the displays, adverts, shops, cards etc I think a very small percentage have religious connotations so I don’t think it can be argue that we still hold the true meaning of Christmas. Even the removal of Christ to form Xmas just shows how unimportant the true meaning can actually be for some. My argument here is not necessarily for everyone to become religiously inclined for a few days (although the yearly trip to church on Christmas day does still seem to be popular in many households.) What I am arguing, however, is that maybe those who truly follow the religion throughout the year hold on to the true meaning during Christmas (which I believe many do) and those that don’t follow the religious reasons the other 364 days of the year actually take a look at why they are celebrating it in the first place.

The simply answer for many is because it is a consumers time of year and a tradition that has been blown out of all proportion by high street shops. As with my other blogs, I write mainly to challenge peoples blinkered stroll in society and to begin to look at why we actually do a lot of the things we do in our life. Why do we drink alcohol, dress in brands, and buy presents at Christmas – because it is expected of us. And the most frustrating thing is that people just happily go along with these ways of life without even questioning them because it is easier to go a long with the majority instead of speak out amongst the minority.

Now it is easy to think of Bah Humbug here but actually it is worth looking at your true reasons for celebrating this time of year. I will not deny it is appealing to get time of work and relax but really the only reason you buy presents is because you are told to by adverts, bright lights and other people. Surely the majority of us are clever enough to see through these ploys that are placed upon us and stand on our own two feet for once instead of buying into the expected social behaviour?

As per usual I only hope to provide food for thought here and maybe awaken some people in the same way that adverts tap into peoples material desires but sometimes it would be nice to actual stand for what we believe in and really find the truth in many of our selves and our actions. I think if people actually took the time to look truly at what they want and what they believe in, a lot of areas would be quite different to what is done by the majority of people. Not only this but for those who find it difficult to stand up and be counted, myself included, then if we all be more true to ourselves, then it will become easier for the rest of us too.

To be nobody but yourself in a world which is doing its best, night and day, to make you everybody else means to fight the hardest battle which any human being can fight; and never stop fighting.

e.e. cummings, 1955


~ by justprose on November 22, 2009.

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