Christmas Consumerism II

So here we are on Christmas eve and I thought it was an appropriate time to review this short years (2 months) worth of blogs and have a look at the Christmas of the world in 2009.

I suppose the two things which stand out for me around this time is the news I have just heard of peoples spending being recorded at £1 million a minute (not a typo!) and the triumph of rage against the machine in the Christmas number one spot. These represent two very different sides of society for me and also reprsent quite clearly some of the things I have wrote about upto now.

As I have written in the Christmas Consumerism blog (see previous posts) I do feel like the present buying culture around Christmas is completely forced on the sheep of our society (most of us! And myself included) we only buy the presents because we are told we should, adverts get more frequent and who are we to question the money grabbing capitalists of our society?! The astonishing fact that people are spending 1 million pounds a minute on last minute presents and sales are set to start on Christmas day online then what exactly is this time of year? When I think about Christmas I immediately think of a break from work and the need to think of a present for each person in my family. I do try and muster up the courage to tell me family I will instead buy them presents through the year instead of when I am forced. However, I do crumble as I feel the guilt of Christmas day and not having bought anything for them. I just struggle to see what Christmas is actually about anymore?

I suppose this rant is really using Christmas as an illustration to show how we can be manipulated as people and how difficult it can be to break the mould and step away from the crowd. It is just one of the many things that we do as people and often follow without questioning because it is the norm and it is much harder to explain your actions if they stand on their own and away from the “right” way to act. I think it is our duty to start questioning our way of life and the things we follow without question.

This brings me quite nicely to rage against the machine. Something which has broken the mould. We continually follow the mind numbing xfactor and it is taken for granted that they will become number 1. However, it took just one person to start a group and make people think about their actions to break the norm. Now it is debateable about the reasons behind peoples support of this record but I think it illustrates nicely the oppurtunity to change the standard and how refreshing it is. The problem I am beginning to realize though is that the norm is replaced by the norm. If getting a unchristmassy record to number one becomes a trend year after year then there is almost a reverse revolution and people would then begin to vote xfactor to number 1 to knock of the next rock record off the top spot.

So what’s the answer. Quite simply it is to follow ourselves. We are the only people who know ourselves so well and are in complete control of our actions. I also believe we are the only people to know our true desires and actions, however hard they may be at times. The difficulty is really listening to this and acting upon it – especially when it is frowned upon, which is often the case with truly life changing actions. Because if it wasn’t questioned it would be normal and not take any risk to follow through. The truly important decisions and actions we take are the most difficult. I have increasingly learnt, the harder something is, the more rewarding it is at the end.

I think if everyone discovered what truly matters to them and tried hard to find out what is really beneath everyones introjections, conditions of worth and ways of being then they would find a truly refreshing and settling way of living which would rid many of the struggles they face from day to day. The really difficulty is the battle of getting to what is really true to us as it can be buried beneath so much of the following trends and other peoples needs.

So really I would like to sign off this years blogs with the regular message of listening to yourself and doing what you want to do – despite the really difficulty with getting to this.

I would also like to thank everyone for their support through the last few months with this blog. I am very touched and honoured by the traffic this blog creates and it’s nice to know these words are being read by many.

Happy break and make 2010 a year for change.



~ by justprose on December 24, 2009.

One Response to “Christmas Consumerism II”

  1. Sometimes it’s really that simple, isn’t it? I feel a little stupid for not thinking of this myself/earlier, though.

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