Communication Breakdown

What are the first things you do when you wake up? What do you do just before you go to sleep? What’s your preferred method of contact? whats the easiest way to let someone down?

For me, the answers are check my phone, check my phone, text/email/face-to-face (dependent on the person!), and finally, most DEFINITELY text or email!

If you haven’t guessed by now, my topic for this blog is the fascinating story of the rise of technology and the relationships and social changes it has made (or broken.) I will certainly “own” my part in these new ways of life and effects it has on peoples relationships and behaviour. I have wondered recently about how I struggle to really be in the moment with people and not just enjoying the conversation I am in, I am often left analyzing and dissecting it. I suppose I have come to the conclusion that a possibility for this is my removal from human interaction and intimacy by my heavily technological life. I work with computers, I use my phone for just about anything, I use computers for fun, contact, blogging, information…There is no doubt that my time spent in and around technology massively outweighs my time spent building and being in relationships with others.

I wouldn’t like to immediately shun and play down the huge bonuses of technology and the way it has completely transformed our lives. Something as simple as finding information in split seconds (whether right or wrong…I’m looking at you Wikipedia!), to getting an unexpected song to number 1, to controlling homing missiles, the list is endless and a world without technology would be unthinkable. But where does this lead us, where does it stop and where do we go from here? People have more fulfilling and preferable lives in the World of Warcraft, pornography is much more accessible to all ages and I could buy just about anything I wanted in the blink of an eye. Is this really a good thing?!

As my friend so rightly said, ‘we are part of the now generation.’ We expect things easily and instantly. We can find what we need, whenever we need, wherever we need. “google it” is as common a phrase as any and really leaves no limits on what we can find information on. So we are left with a huge scale ranging from the amazingly good to the devastatingly bad, how do we make sure that we/I stay where we want on this scale?

From my perspective I think I need to take a step back from technology. Things can wait and an intimate human relationship is by far the most amazing and precious thing and something which will certainly not be completely recreated by technology. It is certainly appealing to have all these things at our fingertips and disposal but where does it leave us?

I suppose we become the spoilt child who was brought up to get whatever they want, whenever they want and we fall victim of fitting in a similar technological category. I have been part of a generation where computers and phones are part of every day life and it would be strange without them. However, as hard as it may seem to imagine there has been a much greater time without these things and they seem to get on alright didn’t they!? We mustn’t be too quick to dismiss the lessons and ways of people who didn’t have what we have today. Some of the most amazing buildings were created with not even close to what we have today and have outlived some of the most modern buildings of our time.

I think the answer is to maintain a balance. To not become to reliant on our technology and equipment. People have coped without it before and will continue to do so in the future. I don’t need everything now and in its best possible form. What I truly need will suffice.

As for relationships, it is important that in that moment, I give that person my full attention and really listen to them. It doesn’t matter what score PNE is or if I have an email from Amazon. What matters is that I have the privilege of someones time and respect and this cannot be written by a program. It is real.


~ by justprose on January 12, 2010.

2 Responses to “Communication Breakdown”

  1. Hi
    I have just readen your blog and i feel that it get realy what life is today.
    But we also should know that all sort of technology is created by the human being. So that it is evident we are able to control this technology. We should not become slave of our own creation. Here is the real problem for the ordinary people.we should be the own responsable of our time or the unic time that exist the present, on mt truthly being am i, the siprit.
    Example, when i just awake i meditate on the present time, it is also the same before sleeping. It is something very simple but with hight importance. it can change positively each human beings, forward going society and then the world.
    I invit you to visit

  2. Lots of very helpful info.

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